west jordan ut orthodonticsIf you’re looking for an orthodontist for your child, there are a lot of factors to consider. You want your child to be comfortable and at ease at the orthodontist’s office, and you want to trust the doctor who treats your child’s condition, and you probably want to know what might happen during that first visit. Our West Jordan, UT, orthodontics specialist provides some information and a list of things to keep in mind when choosing an orthodontist for your little one. 

First Appointment

The first time you take your child to the orthodontist, it’s important that they have a good experience. If they have an experience that makes them uncomfortable or nervous, they may develop orthodontic or dental-related anxiety and have issues completing treatments.

A good pediatric orthodontist will begin the patient relationship with good bedside manner during the first appointment to ensure that you’re comfortable, as well as approach dental and orthodontic explanations with kid-friendly words and have plenty of patience for all of your questions. 

Common Childhood Orthodontic Issues

There are a few orthodontic problems that are common as children’s teeth grow in. These include:

  • Overbite. The top jaw hangs over the lower jaw, creating misalignment.
  • Underbite. The lower jaw juts forward, forcing the upper teeth to sit inside the lower teeth.
  • Extra teeth. Sometimes, children grow extra teeth that crowd the mouth.
  • Crossbite. The upper and lower jaws do not align, causing misalignment.

These conditions can cause pain, facial deformity, and future orthodontic problems. It is much easier to treat these types of problems young before they become worse.

Common Treatments

Beginning treatment is something that our orthodontist will discuss with you. Depending on your child’s case, some common treatments for pediatric orthodontic problems include:

  • Pulling teeth to reduce a crowded bite
  • Spacers, to widen the palate and fix misaligned bites
  • Jaw surgery for severe malocclusion or jaw problems
  • Braces for malocclusion

We will help you find the most appropriate treatment for your child.

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