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dansie orthodontics employee aliya

Aliya, Orthodontic Assistant

Aliya is originally from Herriman, Utah. She loves working at Dansie Orthodontics because she loves meeting new people and watching their smiles get bigger and brighter! One of the values at the office that resonates with her is kindness, and she wants to make every patient feel happier and more confident.

Amy of Dansie Orthodontics

Amy, Financial Coordinator

Amy grew up in Kaukauna, Wisconsin. She moved to Utah in April of 2000, where she met her husband. Amy has 2 kids, one boy, and one girl, ages 8 and 9. In November of 2018, Amy was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called Ewings Sarcoma (a childhood cancer). After fighting for 10 months, she was declared cancer-free in July of 2019. When Amy is not smiling in the clinic, she spends time with her family or enjoying the outdoors. She loves the beach and will take a trip to sit in the sand any time the opportunity is available!



dansie orthodontics employee caitlin mcCleary

Caitlin, Scheduling & Orthodontic Assistant

Caitlin grew up in West Jordan and loves to call Utah home. She went to school for dental assisting and has enjoyed her work in dental and orthodontic offices ever since. She is currently attending Utah Valley University, where she is majoring in Community Health. She enjoys being involved with services in the community and abroad — she has even traveled to Guatemala to perform humanitarian work. Caitlin loves working at Dansie Orthodontics at the Herriman office, and she is excited about providing an awesome experience to patients and making them smile!



dansie orthodontics employee danielle

Danielle, Scheduling Coordinator

Danielle is originally from St. George, Utah. She loves working at Dansie Orthodontics because the team feels like family, and she loves giving our patients a reason to smile by making them feel like they are part of the family as well! When she isn’t at work, she enjoys spending time with her husband, playing with their two dogs, and visiting with family here in Utah.



Michelle of Dansie Orthodontics

Michelle, Marketing

Dansie Orthodontics has some talented patients in our offices, and Michelle loves to write about all of them. You may get a call from her to share some of the awesome activities or hobbies you are doing while you are in braces or Invisalign from Dansie Orthodontics. When she isn’t listening to her patient’s wonderful stories, Michelle enjoys spending her free time writing and reading.



dansie orthodontics employee nichole

Nichole, Treatment Coordinator

Nichole was born and raised right here in Salt Lake City, Utah. She loves working at Dansie Orthodontics because she loves teeth! One of the values at the office that resonates with her is that we always “do the right thing” because, at Dansie Orthodontics, we aren’t driven by what is popular or convenient. We do the right thing for our patients every time!



Robyn of Dansie Orthodontics

Robyn, Orthodontic Assistant

Robyn grew up in Pocatello, Idaho. After high school, she moved to Logan, Utah, and briefly attended Utah State University before getting married to her husband, Ryan. She loves being a wife and mother and always puts her family first. She taught gymnastics for years before starting her ongoing eBay business. When not at the office, she loves to be outdoors on a sunny day doing anything fun.



dansie orthodontics employee ryan

Ryan, Orthodontic Assistant

Ryan is originally from North Carolina. He loves working at Dansie Orthodontics because it is preparing him to one day also be a great dentist (and possibly orthodontist!). One of the values at the office that resonates with him is “a smile is never enough,” because not only does our team provide each patient with exceptional service and care, we also build a friendship to brighten their smile even more!



dansie orthodontics employee Scharese

Scharese, Orthodontic Assistant

Scharese is originally from California. The dental & orthodontic field had been of great interest to her, so she was excited when the opportunity to work at Dansie came around! She loves coming to work with her amazing coworkers and brightening her patients’ days. When not at work, she loves playing games and spending time with her family and friends.