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Our Award-Winning Herriman & Duchesne Orthodontist Can Help With Your TMJ & Migraines

Severe headaches and migraines can interfere with your ability to focus and perform basic tasks. Headaches and migraines can result from biomechanical issues including Temporomandibular Joint Disorder and orthodontic problems that have gone unaddressed. There are multiple factors that may increase the frequency and severity of headaches and migraines and a trusted orthodontist can help patients understand their options.
Your mouth and jaw produces a significant amount of pressure with every bite. When your teeth and jaw are not aligned, significant pain can result in the area and refer to other areas, producing ear problems and headaches. Dansie Orthodontics uses effective dentistry techniques to provide patients with relief from chronic headaches and discomfort. Get a permanent solution for chronic headaches and migraines.


It is challenging to self-diagnose chronic headaches and migraines. Some patients experience frequent and severe headaches with severe sharp pain on one or both sides of the head. Others have pain in the jaw, face, neck and ears. Tinnutis, vertigo and dizziness may also exacerbate the condition. Unbalanced dental forces may be the reason for your migraine, headache and discomfort. At your complimentary Dansie Complimentary Consultation, Dr. Dansie will be able to help you determine the cause of your headaches or jaw pain and offer treatment solutions.

Get Relief Now

You do not need to suffer from headache and migraine discomfort. Orthodontic treatment at Dansie Orthodontics can produce positive effects that go beyond the original complaint. Orthodontic treatment can address issues including:

• Chronic headaches;
• Migraines;
• Temporomandibular Joint Disorder;
• Chronic neck pain;
• Tooth grinding and clenching; and
• Tinnutus.

You do not have to continue to suffer from these conditions. Enjoy every moment more when you reduce your discomfort permanently with a Dansie Orthodontics solution.

Improve Your Bite With Dr. Dansie

At Dansie Orthodontics, Dr. Dansie uses a bite simulator to check how your bite is aligned while receiving orthodontic treatment. The bite simulator may also help determine your jaw’s ideal alignment. Even if your teeth are straight, your bite can be adjusted using orthodontic treatment in order to align your upper and lower jaw appropriately. This option is non-invasive and should be the first solution for headaches, migraines and more.

How To Start Your Journey To Your Best Smile Ever!

If you want to explore our orthodontic practices, where you will experience top-notch customer service, an inviting atmosphere, worry-free treatment, convenient and flexible payment options and so much more, then feel free to stop by our office to see what Dansie Orthodontics is all about! If you think you may be ready to schedule an appointment, Dansie Orthodontics can help you in a number of ways:

  • If you still want to learn more about Dansie Orthodontics, take advantage of your free report, "The Top 10 Things To Know Before Choosing Your Orthodontist," where Dr. Dansie will explain the different aspects to consider when you are choosing an orthodontist.
  • If you want to know if Dansie Orthodontics is the right fit for your needs, take our Dansie Orthodontics Self-Assessment. It only takes 5-10 minutes to answer a few short questions, and the algorithm will determine if Dansie Orthodontics is the right fit for you!
  • If you are ready to schedule your no-obligation, completely complimentary Dansie Smile Assessment, call 801.758.8888 to speak with a friendly team member, or click here to request an appointment!

Award-Winning Herriman Orthodontist &
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  • Dr. Dansie made my teeth look great and now I feel like I can look people in the eyes and smile all I want. Dr. Dansie made my teeth look great.

    - K.S.

    best orthodontist in duchesne ut
  • I had large gaps between all of my teeth and Dr. Dansie worked his magic with Invisalign and closed them up. My wife and I can't believe the difference.

    - C.M.

    best orthodontist in herriman ut
  • Dr. Dansie's office has been so convenient for us! I have had other kids in braces and spent many hours getting them to their appointments. Now I don't have to

    - N.R.

    best duchesne orthodontist
  • Super friendly staff and very helpful. I feel completely comfortable in the office and I look forward to going to my appointments. A+

    - Felicity Tarr

    best herriman orthodontist
*The reviews listed are from actual patients of Dansie Orthodontics. Individual results may vary. Reviews are not claimed to represent results for everyone.
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Orthodontist, Dr. Chase Dansie, our award-winning Herriman, UT, orthodontist and Duchesne, UT, orthodontist offers the most advanced braces for children and adults, including Invisalign, Invisalign Teen, metal braces and clear braces. We can even help you with your TMJ and migraines.
Come experience Dansie Orthodontics and you will see that our orthodontics team offers state-of-the-art, quality orthodontic care with a smile to patients in our local community, including: Herriman, Duchesne, South Jordan, Daybreak, Riverton, Bluffdale, West Jordan, Salt Lake County, Utah (UT).
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