Orthodontist in West Jordan, UT – Make Your New Year’s Resolution a Beautiful, New Smile!

It’s December and that means people are making resolutions for the upcoming new year – healthier food choices, increased exercise, and spending more time with family and friends are usually popular choices. At Dansie Orthodontics, we believe one of the best resolutions you can make is for a beautiful, new smile! And thanks to our orthodontist in West Jordan, UT, it’s never been easier to fulfill this resolution!

We use the latest technologies to offer our patients beautiful smiles that can last a lifetime. When you visit our award-winning orthodontic office, you can choose from advanced treatments including:

Traditional Metal Braces – Tried-and-true stainless steel braces continue to be a popular and affordable choice for those wanting a straight smile without breaking the bank. Technological advancements in recent years have made metal braces more durable, precise, and effective than ever.

Clear Ceramic Braces – Tooth-colored braces and brackets make this option a popular choice for those looking for a discreet treatment method. Their advanced technology makes clear ceramic braces a durable and effective method of straightening your teeth for a beautiful smile.

InvisalignⓇ Clear Aligners – Custom-made plastic aligner trays are comfortable, removable, and allow you the freedom to continue your normal daily activities with little to no interruption. It’s also easier to maintain your oral hygiene – simply remove your trays to brush and floss as you normally would!

Learn more about these advanced treatments at your initial appointment. You can look forward to a new smile backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee when you choose Dansie Orthodontics!

New Year, New Smile! – Contact Our Orthodontist in West Jordan, UT

To experience exceptional treatment from our 5-star team, call our Duchesne office at 435-222-0153, our Herriman office at 801-998-2347, or our West Jordan office at 801-998-2368 to schedule your Complimentary Dansie Smile Assessment. We can help you reach your new year’s resolution starting today!