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Update for Our Valued Patients

Update: May 12, 2020

We’ve missed seeing our patients’ beautiful smiles in person!

Our four keys to success are Safety, Courtesy, Service, and Efficiency and they are listed in that order for in important reason.   

Safety is the most important.  We maintain all of our existing safety protocols and have also added new measures in an effort to continue to ensure the safety of our patients and team.  Patients will notice temperatures being taken upon check-in we are asking patients to use hand sanitizer or wash their hands upon entry. Patients arriving for new patient exams are comfortably seated in a private consultation room with any family members who are attending the consultation. When entering the clinic, we are encouraging family members of patients over 7 to remain in the car or in a socially distanced area of the waiting room away from the clinic when other people are present.  

Because our office runs on time, an extended wait in the waiting room is never likely. We are encouraging patients to enter the office at or just before their appointment time and to wait to be helped at check-in. If a wait is necessary, patients are welcome to return to their cars to wait and be notified or choose an area of the concierge to wait while maintaining social distancing.  

Courtesy is the next key. Our team is truly excited to see you. Our online visits have been fantastic and have helped us maintain the human connection that we have as we help you. But we have wanted to see you personally and want to give you an extra reason to smile every day.  We have completed additional training with our team to help serve your needs and we want to listen. You are always welcome to call and text us for a friendly response. Because our office is one of the cleanest safest businesses you can be frequenting, we invite you to feel at ease and let us make you smile. We maintain that safety being checked off the list, we will not let COVID get in the way of us being nice to people.  

Service comes next. We are providing all the same great treatment we have always. We love that the infrastructure of our investments in technology over the years has allowed us to press forward into the COVID-19 challenge without compromising quality or cutting corners. The same dedication applies.

Efficiency has always been one of my favorites because it is the pinnacle of these four keys.  Once all the other three are in place, you can make it really great by being efficient. Since we opened, we have always scheduled in a way that helps patients have an individual experience with the team in the office. My goal has been to make each patient feel like he or she is special and not one of a whole roomful of people we are herding in and out. There have been a few times that things get a bit crazy at popular appointment times especially, but we have monitored our efficiency over the years with the purpose of giving you extra time doing whatever it is you want to do and not waiting in the office for us.

We have, since opening, established and maintained the goal of seating 93% or more of our patients within 3 minutes of their appointment time and never making anyone wait for over 12 minutes for their appointment. There is nothing I hate more than making a valued patient wait for the doctor because I love our patients and value each person’s time. We have noticed, upon working with our more robust infection control protocols that we have made 20% of our patients wait for more than 3 minutes. Also, two people had to wait for over 20 minutes for their appointment. I bring this up to show full transparency, and to let you know that we are working on it as the fourth key. We would never let efficiency become more important than safety, but we’ll get there with it, so please be patient with us. So if you have to wait a few more minutes than usual, just know that this is something we greatly care about and are working to adjust as we get more efficient with additional safety measures.  

We still have our same early and late appointment times available, but because school is more flexible for most patients, we have adapted by making more appointment times available during the day than before. This is also helping us make popular times less populous.   

Our phone hours have not changed at all during the entire COVID-19 situation. While many of our neighbors in the dental field laid their entire teams off for a number of weeks and stopped answering their phones, our team has remained employed and doing many things to make our patients’ experience better, including new safety measures.  

Patients arriving wearing a mask will be taken to their treatment area where they can remove the mask, be treated, and place it back again at the end. We encourage you to follow social distancing guidelines. There will be no discrimination to patients who are unable to wear a mask for health or other reasons.  

All treatments in the office are performed 6 or more feet away from other patients. Depending on the procedure type, we perform procedures in bay, semi-private, or private room settings for your safety.  The measures taken provide a safe environment, but as always we are here to listen to your concerns and needs, so please feel free to reach out with any questions or suggestions. 

Herriman – 801-758-8888
Duchesne – 435-315-0095
West Jordan – 801-280-5377


Dansie Orthodontics 

Update: April 22, 2020

Governor Herbert just announced that Dental offices may now resume non-emergency treatment. We are excited to see you in the office and have a three-step program to continue back into full swing.

New patient exams will now be seen in the office OR online depending on your preference.

Existing patient appointments that are scheduled online will still be held online for the rest of this week. At your next online appointment, we will look at your individual treatment plan and keep you going with what is best for your needs. During this first stage of reopening in-office appointments, we will be able to see some types of appointments and others will still be scheduled out a few more weeks. We will keep you posted on what the next steps of your treatment are during your next online appointment.


Dansie Orthodontic

April 9, 2020

Following recommendations from the American Dental Association, our offices have postponed elective procedures for the next three weeks in response to the spread of the coronavirus disease, COVID-19, across the country.

Concentrating on emergency dental care will allow us to care for our emergency patients and alleviate the burden that dental emergencies would place on hospital emergency departments.

We will continue to follow the direction of The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Department of Homeland Security, which have categorized healthcare as a critical infrastructure industry, in addition to the food supply and pharmaceutical industries.

At Dansie Orthodontics, we have a special responsibility to maintain our commitment to patients with dental emergencies. You can count on us to be here for you and provide you with frequent updates and recommendations during these unprecedented times.

It’s critical that we all do our part to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Here’s What We’re Doing Differently:

  • All elective procedures have been postponed until April 27th or later.
  • If you have a dental emergency (pain, swelling, infection, broken or poking orthodontic wire or appliance with pain) please call or text our office at 801-448-0092. Our phones are answered 24 hours per day and our specialists are ready and available to assist you.
  • New and existing patients with dental pain will be seen in accordance with existing social-distancing, infection control and temperature screening protocol established for our offices.
  • New and existing patients without dental pain are asked to postpone in-office appointments until April 27th or later. If you have questions or special requests, you are invited to call 801-448-0092 and schedule a remote tele-health consultation with one of our specialists.

All Dansie Orthodontics employees are prohibited from reporting to work with a respiratory illness that can be transmitted to others.

  • Dansie Orthodontics has instituted a new Employee Sick leave policy which offers 5 days paid sick leave to all employees in order to ensure employees who are ill remain home.
  • All emergency-dental employees operating under our contingency plan are instructed to take their temperatures twice per day; once before leaving home and once upon returning home from work. Any employee with a temperature of 100.3°F or higher will not be permitted to come to work.

* Originally posted March 17, 2020 * These recommendations have now been modified as of March 18, 2020

The CDC recommends using “social distancing” whenever possible as an effective way of decreasing the likelihood of transmitting coronavirus. The agency has updated its definition of social distancing to mean “remaining out of congregate settings, avoiding mass gatherings, and maintaining distance (approximately 6 feet or 2 meters) from others when possible.”

With this advice in mind, we are implementing these new steps in our practice:

  • We will schedule emergency appointments to minimize possible contact with others and ask that only one parent or guardian accompany the patient into the office. You will be taken to a private treatment room and the temperature of the patient and the parent guardian will be recorded. In response to the spread of the coronavirus, we ask that our reception room remains empty at all times. You might be asked to wait in your car until the doctor and assistant are ready to see you for a dental emergency. Please follow all instructions closely and call our office at 801-448-0092 for more details.
  • We are making video conferencing available to some patients who are able to be evaluated via smartphone, tablet or laptop computer equipped with a camera and we are actively reaching out to those patients who qualify for a tele-health visit with Dr Dansie.