braces west jordanIf you want to keep your smile looking and feeling great, it is crucial to understand the proper way to brush and floss your teeth. It may seem like common sense, but surprisingly, many people are not brushing and flossing the correct way! This can negatively affect your dental health. Our specialist for braces near West Jordan explains more below. 

Best Brushes

Some of the best toothbrushes to use are spinning electric brushes, with round, soft bristles. The round shape ensures that every part of each tooth is cleaned, and the spinning head effectively removes more bacteria than a manual brush. They are also easy to use and gentler on your gums. 


If you choose a manual toothbrush instead of an electric one, try to stick to soft or medium bristles. Hard bristles can damage your gums, leading to pain and inflammation. When brushing, use just enough pressure to remove plaque and bacteria, since using excessive pressure can hurt your gums. Brush for two minutes, and don’t forget to brush your tongue; this removes even more bacteria and helps prevent gum disease. 

Further Care

In addition to brushing and flossing, mouthwash and regular cleanings can help you maintain great dental health. On top of freshening your breath, mouthwash helps reduce plaque and prevent gingivitis. Another tool you can use is a tongue scraper, a small plastic device that you can use to scrape bacteria off of your tongue. 

If you have braces, always use an irrigation tool (like a water pick) and a plastic dental stick to clean between your braces. Trapped food and bacteria can cause cavities and gum disease. On top of your daily dental care, schedule regular checkups with our orthodontist to ensure that your gums and teeth are in good shape!

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