braces south jordan utHalloween is just around the corner, and that means trick-or-treating and extra sweets! If your child has braces or is undergoing other orthodontic treatment, it’s important to take some candy-related precautions to keep their teeth healthy. Our orthodontist for braces in South Jordan, UT, explains more below.

Candies To Avoid

Certain candies should be avoided while you’re wearing braces. These include candies that are hard, sticky, or crunchy. Hard and crunchy candies put excessive pressure on brackets and can cause them to crack when you bite down. Sticky candy can get stuck in your wires and the residue is difficult to clean off. It’s better to avoid these altogether and keep your braces clean!

What Are The Consequences?

Aside from broken brackets, which can be painful and possibly cause delays in treatment time, the more obvious risk is the amount of sugar being consumed. It’s no secret that sugar causes cavities by feeding bad bacteria, and braces increase this risk even more. The nooks and crannies created by brackets and wires tend to trap bacteria and food particles. When sugar is trapped next to bacteria and you don’t brush your teeth, decay begins. It is critical to clean your teeth thoroughly after eating candy to prevent tooth decay.


Stick to braces-friendly candy during Halloween and be sure to brush and floss immediately after eating sugar. If you do end up breaking a bracket or wire, don’t panic. Contact our orthodontist as soon as possible to fix the problem. In the meantime, you can put wax over the broken piece to keep it from poking the inside of your mouth and causing damage. 

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